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Travel companion From New York to Bangalore on Aug 26 2016 on 4 days ago

  • 4 days ago
  • jyoti
  • Parents leaving by not yet booked Airlines

Looking for travel companion from Newark/New York to Bangalore after Aug 25, 2016 for my mother. If there is anyone traveling and willing to help my mother during transit please contact me. Dates are flexible. Thank You

Travel companion From Miami to Hyderabad on Aug 9 2016 on 4 days ago

  • 4 days ago
  • shiva-shiva
  • Parents leaving by Qatar Airways Airlines

Hi, My mother need travel help from miami to hyderabad on Aug 9 by qatar airways, Please let me know if anyone can help, if you are travelling with infant my mother will help you in travel. Please contact me or let me know your contact details i can call you, please find my details below Shiva : 954 380 4129 : ss_ad3 Thank You

Travel companion From Chicago to Nashville on Jul 9 2016 on 4 days ago

  • 4 days ago
  • Nunepalli
  • Parents leaving by United Airlines Airlines

Hi, My mother is travelling from Chicago to Nashville through United Airlines on July 9th is her first flight travel she doesn't understand English she can only speak Telugu.So i request any one travelling on same day kindly help my mother to reach domestic terminal and help her to find united airlines office.

Travel companion From Phoenix to Bangalore on Jul 13 2016 on 4 days ago

  • 4 days ago
  • Bindaas
  • Spouse leaving by any Airlines

not yet booked the tickets, planning some time in july 2nd week. companion needed for my wife and 2 kids from phoenix to Bangalore. it will be great help thanks.

Travel companion From Hyderabad to Chicago on Jul 5 2016 on 4 days ago

  • 4 days ago
  • sadhobala
  • Spouse leaving by Air India Airlines

Hi, My wife is travelling alone from hyderabad to chicago on 5th July. Please let us know any travel companion for my wife on 5th July

Travel companion From Hyderabad to Atlanta on Jul 18 2016 on 5 days ago

  • 5 days ago
  • Siva
  • Others leaving by Qatar Airways Airlines

Hi, My family is travelling from Hyderabad >Doha>Atlanta in Qatar airlines on July18th. I am looking for travel companion for them. Please let me know if you know any.

Travel companion From Seattle to Chennai on Jul 9 2016 on 5 days ago

  • 5 days ago
  • meethere
  • Self leaving by Emirates Airlines

My Mom is traveling alone from Seattle to Chennai via Dubai by Emirates. Current plan is to travel first week of July however the travel schedule is flexible. Please contact me for more details. Thanks.

Travel companion From San Francisco to Bangalore on Aug 4 2016 on 5 days ago

  • 5 days ago
  • shwethanivas
  • Parents leaving by Cathay Pacific Airways Airlines

Looking for a travel companion for my mother who is traveling alone from SFO to Bangalore in the first week of August. She can speak only Kannada, so looking for someone who is traveling in Cathay Pacific Airlines via Hong Kong, she might need some help in transit and Immigration. Please reach me at 510-566-9572 or nshwetha10

Travel companion From Hyderabad to San Francisco on Jul 12 2016 on 5 days ago

  • 5 days ago
  • ????????
  • Parents leaving by Emirates Airlines

Hi, I am looking for Travel Companion for my mother who is traveling for first time. Regards, Surendra

Travel companion From Hyderabad to Dallas on Jul 5 2016 on 5 days ago

  • 5 days ago
  • akhila
  • Parents leaving by British Airways Airlines

Hi my mother is travelling to dallas from Hyderabad by British Airways on July 5th 2016. She is travelling alone and this is her first time. she knows only telugu and need some help in port of entry and immigration .Pls let me know anyone of your friends or family members are traveling on the same day

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About Travel Companion

Travelling alone, all the way from the US back to India can be scary for a few! Kids and women prefer company while flying long distances and elders need a supportive travel companion to assist in the unfortunate case of an emergency.

This is where travel companions come in handy and with millions on Indians living in the US there is always someone flying during the same time to the same destination. Travel Companions are people with whom you can travel along or even share rooms at the destination to help split expenses. Connect with these people and become travel buddies to mutually help beat the boredom of long flights. As a group you can also deal with the hassles of multiple connections at big airports.

Your travel itinerary can be shared on the Sulekha Travel site and you will get matching travel companion requests in your mailbox. You can choose to contact the most suitable travel mate directly too. Have a look at the travel companion requests made by others who are flying alone and contact them directly – it is as simple as it can get!

There will also be many people willing to fly long distance, transcontinental flights for a financial compensation from you. These paid travel companions are very useful for accompanying especially the elderly since they could be of help with airport procedures and moving the luggage around.

Sleepless nights worrying about your loved ones travelling alone are a thing of the past; with Sulekha’s Travel Companion section you can rest assured that someone is there to accompany your wife, kids or parents on their long flight to home or back.

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